Mayan jungle conservation

MOJA promotes activities like reforestation and conservation on affected zones by wildfires that happened in the surroundings of the Sian Ka’an Natural Park, Tulum, Mexico.


Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is one of the most important ecosystems due to its location and conservation state. It’s a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it has many endemic and native threatened species. Recently, the park and its surroundings have faced wildfires that provoked the lost of hundreds of hectares; putting in risk many vegetative and animal species in the region.

Our strategy

This project takes into account a reforestation program that supports mainly the buffer zones affected by the fires. We also promote the establishment of a forestry nursery to produce the native species that will be planted later.

Community forestry nursery

By establishing this nursery in the community of Chunyaxché, local people will develop plans to produce at least 5 native species, those will be planted later in the affected zones.


Environmental monitoring

Lowland deciduous forests represent a natural carbon sink for the atmosphere, so they contribute to reduce CO2 on air. By monitoring and undertaking conservation deeds into the forestry areas, we can generate measurable incentives to mitigate CO2 as a strategy for Climate Change.



This project will give many social and environmental benefits, some of them are: a great activity against deforestation and desertification, a strategy to combat Climate Change with the management of carbon sinks.


Environmental benefits

  • Biodiversity conservation of a prior ecosystem.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gasses.
  • Local jungle restauration.
  • Hydric resources conservation.

Community benefits

  • Local employment generation.
  • Support program for management and development of agroforestry systems.

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