Create a refugee for the axolotl and save the Xochimilco wetland


Create a refugee for the axolotl and save the Xochimilco wetland

You can protect threatened species and ecosystems with a donation. Your support will help on our task for better forests, jungles, wetlands and their communities within Mexico.


Did you know there is a whole ecosystem with unique species and history within Mexico City? Xochimilco is that place, we're working with the people living there to recover this important wetland and its wildlife. In this project, we will keep running a Conservation Center, a space where locals and visitors will learn, work and train on sustainable agriculture and species conservation. In this place, we will also produce native trees to be planted in the wetland and protected by the people.


Xochimilco wetland is the last important water body in Mexico City, it's a rural area where people still produce food for them and for the whole city and it's a refuge for unique wildlife species. Yet, it's seriously threatened by urbanization. Animals like the axolotl and plants like the mexican waterlily are critically endangered, the same situation faces the whole lake that provides water to the big city and holds this unique ecosystem. There's still time to save this beautiful place.


If we provide a space to show people from the city and to train people of the community on suitable and sustainable activities for this region, we enhance the efforts to conserve the ecosystem. These activities include environmental awareness workshops, design and construction of a community orchard and food production in site. We will also produce and reforest at least 10,000 native trees around the water bodies with the community and volunteers.

Long-Term Impact

We look forward to work with more people of the community and partners to conserve this wetland, raise awareness among visitors and locals and reforest more hectareas every year to counter the drying up of the streams and lake that sustains the wetland. Also, in the long-term, we hope to implement efforts to grow and reintroduce populations of native wildlife species to the ecosystem.


10,000 10 km 20
Planted trees Monitored water channels Employment created

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